29 August, 2021

[/HēRōS/: ZERO – ANH HÙNG 0] GreenHuber Edition – Màu xanh của tuổi trẻ

“Đối với riêng bản thân mình. sống xanh có một định nghĩa khá đơn giản. Đó là một lối sống lành mạnh, tạo tác động bền […]
23 August, 2021

Officially cooperated with VSF in the program “We Connect for Green”

On July 6, Green Development Support Center (GreenHub) signed a memorandum of cooperation in the program “We Connect For Green” with the following activities: co-organizing a […]
23 August, 2021

Training on recycling single-use plastic products

Have you ever thought of discarded cans, milk tea cups, sugarcane juice cups, even boxes of instant noodles – which were previously only used once and […]
23 August, 2021

SIGNING CEREMONY “East Asian Seas Initiative on Clean Oceans (EASICO)” AT P4G CONFERENCE

Taking place tonight in a joyful atmosphere, the signing program of the network “East Asian Seas Initiative on Clean Oceans”” took place online from 18:00-22:30 (GMT+7) […]
23 August, 2021

Bio-incubation under aerobic conditions

Currently, in order to reduce the problem of pollution from polluting landfills, bio-composting technologies are available to replace the traditional landfill method. At the same time, […]
23 August, 2021

Kick-off and Consultation Conference on the Project Roadmap for Accelerating Socio-Economic Development and Multidimensional Poverty Reduction among Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam in 2020 – 2025

With the goal of accelerating socio-economic development, reducing multidimensional poverty and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in regions and ethnic minority groups, through creating an […]
23 August, 2021

How is plastic destroying our lives?

Plastic waste is neither created nor destroyed. It just moves from our house to the landfill, then the landfill will begin to silently destroy nature, animals […]
23 August, 2021

Current circumstance of plastic waste management in Vietnam

When it comes to waste management or recycling, you definitely think of countries like Japan or Germany, etc. According to a report by the World Bank, […]