21 November, 2022

Chiến dịch “Our ocean is not home for plastic”

Chiến dịch “Our ocean is not home for plastic” do GreenHub thực hiện trong khuôn khổ dự án “Thúc đẩy nỗ lực giảm thiểu nhựa đại […]
17 October, 2022

Vì sông Mekong không rác: Đề xuất thí điểm tập kết và phân loại rác thải trên chợ nổi Cái Răng

Đầu tháng 10 năm 2022, đại diện từ GreenHub đã có buổi làm việc trực tiếp cùng lãnh đạo UBND phường Lê Bình, chuyên viên phòng […]
7 August, 2022

2022 marine waste monitoring in Hoi An (Phase 1)

On August 4, 5, and 6, the 2022 marine waste monitoring in Hoi An (phase 1) took place at 3 beaches in Cua Dai area under […]
6 August, 2022

Workshop to share survey and waste audit results in Can Tho

On July 28, in Can Tho city, GreenHub cooperated with Research Center for Resources and Rural Development (Recerd) to organize a workshop to share the survey […]
5 August, 2022

Plastics and Health training for teachers at Trang An Primary School

On August 3, GreenHub had a training session on Plastics and Health for all teachers of Trang An Primary School. Through interesting activities and challenges, teachers […]
4 August, 2022

Q&A and unanimity on the implementation plan for 2022 at Hoi An marine waste monitor training

On August 3, 2022, Hoi An’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment coordinated with Centre for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub) to organize a training program for […]
2 August, 2022

E-motion – EP 14 – The truth about F&B industry “going green”

Every year, Vietnam generates 1.8 million tons of plastic waste into the environment, with each plastic item we use within 30 minutes, it will take 300-500 […]
29 July, 2022

GreenHub participated in Training on Trainers on marine litter monitoring and assessment in Phuket, Thailand

Following the workshop in Indonesia, GreenHub continued to improve our capacity overseas when we was honored to participate in the “Training of Trainers on monitoring and […]