Engaging stakeholders in coastal clean ups campaign for sustainable marine ecosystem in Ha Long city (Quang Ninh province, Vietnam).
Ha Long Bay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, VietNam.
2016/11/01 – 2017/6/30

Project is funded by Eco-Peace Leadership Center (EPLC).

The project aims at promoting to organize coastal clean-ups and marine debris data collection as green practices contributing to protect marine ecosystems and develop sustainable tourism in Ha Long Bay, enhancing the information exchange network for better marine debris management in Vietnam.


  • Increased awareness and understanding of the value of marine ecosystems and the impact of marine debris for 1000 local people in Ha Long Bay and 5000 public though communication material;
  • The collection and analysis of data from coastal clean-ups on waste types and volume can help inform and develop effective programs to combat pollution;
  • Conducted clean ups actions and other initiatives in good practices and behaviors change to protect ecosystem and reuse, reduce on marine debris for 108 volunteers from local people and government agencies, contributing to the sustainable development of tourism in Ha Long Bay;
  • Establishment of OceanSaver Youth Network who will act as an agent for change and will continue to organize clean-ups events, data monitoring in Ha Long City and Ha Long Bay, and engage the community.