CSER & Environment Education

GreenHub works with corporations, schools and the private sector to create tailored corporate social environmental responsibility (CSER) programs to improve responsible practices, with many organisations opting for an initial focus on internal waste management practices. This has taken the following forms:

• Interactive programs addressing sustainable development specifically designed for organizations and staff. Activities have included outdoor cleanups, education on reusing plastic materials, and the introduction of sustainable products.

• Public talks or seminars by GreenHub staff, creating opportunities to share knowledge and ideas on issues such as waste management or sustainable agriculture

• Corporate waste audit services, assessing the primary sources of waste production and the identification of key areas to reduce organisational waste, recycle products and more
11 March, 2024

ZHub programme report 2023

👉 Link ZHub programme report 2023: https://greenhub.org.vn//wp-content/uploads/2024/03/ZHub.-2023-Annual-report.pdf ZHub is delighted to share information about activities, events in 2023 and development orientation in 2024 with our followers. […]
23 January, 2024

ZHub Newsletter Q4/2023

Link Newsletter Q4/2023: https://greenhub.org.vn/…/2024/01/NewsletterQ4.2023.pdf With the efforts of ZHub members, volunteers, sponsor, partners and friends; During the past time, ZHub has made steady progress on the […]
7 November, 2023

ZHub Newsletter Q3/2023

Link Newsletter Q3/2023: https://greenhub.org.vn//wp-content/uploads/2023/11/NewsletterQ32023.pdf With the efforts of GreenHub members, volunteers, sponsor, partners and friends; During the past time, ZHub has made steady progress on the […]
17 October, 2023

A training session on organic composting of ZHub and experimental school of education science

On the afternoon of September 21, 2023, ZHub coordinated with the School Administrator of ESES to provide an organic composting training session to improve understanding of […]
17 October, 2023

Phenikaa students practice plastic classification at the recycling workshop

Responding to the wishes of Phenikaa students, GreenHub organized a Recycling Workshop on 2023, September 6, accompanying students in sharing knowledge and practicing on plastic classification […]
17 October, 2023

Workshop: Resource from waste & future stories come from you

Environment is a precious resource that we have and share, but are we really protecting and respecting it? Let’s stop for a while and think: What […]
17 October, 2023

Talkshow: Know yourself – Renovate environmentTalkshow:

Booklet cuộc thi cuộc thi “Bắt trọn khoảnh khắc xanh” tại: https://greenhub.org.vn/…/2023/07/THE-LE-CUOC-THI.pdf ⇒ Stream on: Zoom and Livestream on Fanpage ZHub Join our Talkshow (Deadline: 15:00 […]
17 October, 2023

Capturing green moments competition participation form is officially open

⇒ Registration form: (Deadline: 23:59 13/08/2023): https://forms.gle/nFCf7iDXRYdt44cw8  ⇒ Booklet: https://greenhub.org.vn/…/2023/07/THE-LE-CUOC-THI.pdf Ting ting… You just received an invitation from ZHub. Hurry up to join and get a […]