Phu Yen Ethnic Minority Boarding School- Where Poor Soil Becomes Green

Green sprouts do not appear on their own and do not go away on their own. It just moves from place to place. Keeping that mindset with the belief “Waste is a resource”, teachers and students of the Phu Yen Ethnic Minority Boarding School with the companionship of GreenHub have implemented the model of recycling organic waste into compost.

After a period of implementation, the green has spread from the soil, trees to the people as a powerful and proud announcement of the results achieved.

The soil becomes more fertile and nutritious by applying compost. Compost not only enriches the fertilized soil, but also “spread” the nutrients to surrounding areas. The products grown and harvested in this area are purchased by the teachers and have received a lot of praise for their deliciousness compared to the products sold in the market.

For single-used plastic products that are not purchased for recycling, the students have decided to use them as beautiful small pots to grow vegetables, flowers …

The green color of flowers and fruits in the garden brings joy and excitement for teachers and students in the school, motivates to care and watering the garden to keep it fresh.