Plastic Action Network – Are you ready to join us?

About Plastic Action Network (PAN network)

The PAN network was officially established on 1st March, 2019 under PAN project (funded by Coca – Cola Foundation) with an aim of cooperation for solving plastic waste problem.

The PAN network includes a core group of 30 organizations that are strongly committed to the 3R approach, and this project, to promote knowledge and improve capacity. Members of the network are Vietnamese and international NGOs, government agencies, recycling companies, plastic associations, dedicated businesses, individuals and youth groups working in a voluntary spirit with a shared vision to promote a greener Vietnam, reducing solid waste, especially plastic waste. With the role of connecting relevant stakeholders, the network has become an open forum for members to exchange information, cooperate and support each other in related problem of plastic waste.


  • Overall objective: To develop an information-sharing platform for members to contribute and share knowledge and experience both in waste management and plastic waste.
  • Specific objectives:
    • To connect and share information on current situation, statistics and evidence-based data for intervention among network members. Promote green practices: 3Rs; promote circulating economy;
    • Provide policy advocacy for government agencies


  • Organise regular meetings with group members to exchange ideas and discuss ‘lessons learned’ and how to improve capacity.
  • Organise seminars or technical meetings based on concerns of network members.
  • Capacity building for network members
  • Share ideas and initiatives, projects/ programs on plastic waste management.
  • Create basic template for e-newsletter to ensure continuous flow of information and provide monthly updates to stakeholders.
  • Develop communication tools on situation analysis in green solutions and initiatives for communities.
  • Develop database on relevant policies and recommendations for government based on practices and projects implemented by members.
  • Provide consultation and comments for policies and legal documents.

PAN network and GreenHub are member of Indonesian Waste Platform (IWP) (

Any organizations and individuals who are willing to contribute to a greener Vietnam and commit to plastic pollution activities, can register at: