Phu Yen Zero Waste – IDE-E 2022-2024

27 March, 2023

Continue the Story of Black Soldier Fly

“You are men, why are you picking-up waste?” – It is what women at the market said to Danh and Huy- the two youths who love the environment and desire to collect […]
27 March, 2023

Phu Yen Ethnic Minority Boarding High School – Waste Audit 2021

Returning to the first Zero Waste School of Phu Yen – Ethnic Minority Boarding School after nearly 4 years since the first waste audit, we were […]
27 March, 2023

Two schools in Phu Yen approved the document on reducing plastic waste within the school

Many schools have made positive moves in building a foundation to develop “No Plastic Waste” schools. This is a move to raise awareness of environmental protection […]
9 January, 2023


The campaign “Our ocean is not home for plastic” is implemented by GreenHub within the framework of the project “The Accelerating Efforts to Reduce Ocean Plastic […]
27 May, 2022

Duy Tan High School – “The beginning of change”

The waste audit of Phu Yen province halted at Duy Tan High School – the “Dream school” in Phu Yen with the most up-to-date equipment, facilities, […]
24 May, 2022

Kim Dong Primary School – The youngest auditors

Among the schools participating in the waste audit, the students of Kim Dong Primary School are the youngest warriors but are equally enthusiastic as other schools. […]
21 May, 2022

Nguyen Du Primary & Secondary School – Efforts will be rewarded

Joining us at Nguyen Du Primary & Secondary School, situated on Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard in Phu Yen province, for the next stop in the trash […]
1 November, 2021

Zero Waste Initiative Youth Camp

Link to register here: Are you the new generation of  “Green Ambassadors”?  Are you confident with your eloquence?  Do you have good ideas to build […]