Nature Conservation

Vietnam's rich ecosytem, key biodiversity areas and "Biological Hotspot" status are internationally recognized. There is an extensive network of over 150 protected areas, 30 National Parks, 9 Biosphere Reserves and 8 World Heritage Sites. There are also many conservation projects and commitments e.g. in 2019 alone, 5 new government decrees to implement wildlife legislation. Yet, the country's wildlife and landscapes - its natural heritage continue to be under increasing threats.

GreenHub is environment and people-oriented focused, and our nature conservation actions are linked to every project. We connected our on-the-ground work in waste management and livelihoods in agriculture and tourism, to ensure that development does not increase negative impacts on biodiversity. Building on this through joint community actions, environmental education, youth engagement and media messaging, we continued to highlight and advocate the importance of nature restoration to human and environmental health and economic advancement. This underpins all projects that GreenHub undertakes and is central to all we do.