Joining with Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city to reduce waste

On April 23rd, Hoa Vang District union cooperated with GreenHub and the District Department of Natural Resources and Environment to organize a seminar to disseminate the regulations on waste classification according to the Law on Environmental Protection 2020 and train environmental communication skills.

The seminar has attracted the participation of more than 120 youth union members and introduced the accumulated knowledge on waste contamination, waste classification and environmental communication. Youth union members of Hoa Vang District will actively execute innovative communication activities to spread the green lifestyle and reduce the use of single-use plastic products.

On the same day, Hoa Vang District union continued to coordinate with GreenHub to conduct a training session on Food waste classification and treatment at Qua Giang 1 village, Hoa Phuoc commune, Hoa Vang. This training session received technical support from the Center for Organic Agriculture Cooperative (COAC) – provided guidance and technology transfer related to food composting, CPART Joint Stock Company – sponsored some composting equipment.

Representatives of the first 30 households were trained on how to classify and treat food waste at their households and were guided directly at 01 pilot household. LSPP and CPART then awarded them documents, probiotics and compost pile covers in order to support the implementation of the model. 

GreenHub, Hoa Vang District union and District Department of Natural Resources and Environment have taken a series of activities to mobilize community participation, implement a waste classification model, and promote the reduction of plastic waste.

This post belongs to the project Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution (LSPP) sponsored by the USAID under the program of Local Works for Environmental Health implemented by GreenHub and 3 partners (ISPONRE, HUPH-VOHUN, GIMASYS).