Explore the space for sustainable consumption at the Autumn Market: Connecting Indigenous Products 2020.


Time: 9am – 9pm Saturday, 28/11/2020 & 9am – 2pm on Sunday, 29/11/2020
Location: Pho Truc Commercial Area, Ecopark Urban Area

Autumn Market: Connecting Indigenous Products 2020 opens up a smart consumption space, connecting the community for green practice, green production, spread and towards a sustainable life. Gathering more than 60 diverse and unique stalls, ranging from indigenous agricultural products, ethnic traditional handicrafts, environmentally friendly recycled and reused products, to cultural experiences, practicing green production, the market will definitely be a stop not to be missed at the end of this year.

Immerse yourself in the market, you will have the opportunity to experience

  • Local agricultural products are delicious – healthy, imbued with the village’s flavor with traditional farming methods, without using toxic chemicals.
  • Traditional handmade brocade products, bearing ethnic cultural identity, are made by sincere and skilled manufacturers, with good aesthetics.
  • Useful and unique recycling and reuse models from waste and eco-friendly alternatives
  • Unique traditional cultural activities such as indigo dyeing, beeswax painting, foot bath with Red Dao medicinal leaves, etc., or making handmade items that are reused and recycled from brick ties, panels, and rags from local shops. industrial sewing…
  • Space to eat healthy, drink clean, safe and quality ingredients, limit the use of single-use plastic products that are hard to decompose
  • Especially, the event is open to the public and free for everyone!

Do not hesitate any longer without participating in the Fall Market 2020 to experience creative, unique, interesting but no less practical activities.

Join GreenHub to spread the message of green living, preserving local products and culture! See you on November 28-29 at the 2020 Fall Market <3



Time: 9am – 9pm Saturday 28/11/2020 & 9am – 14 Sunday November 29, 2020
Location: Pho Truc Commercial Area, Ecopark Urban Area