In mid-June 2020, GreenHub synthesizes and shares lessons learned from the waste treatment model in Ha Long, Hoi An, Quy Nhon, … at the Orientation to Reduce Solid Waste and plastic waste Conference in Phu Yen province.

Thereby, GreenHub proposes waste treatment scenarios for Phu Yen – a latecomer province – should learn from experiences. GreenHub also emphasized the story of plastic waste treatment – should not only concentrate on a single treatment, but should be a part of the general waste treatment plan. GreenHub suggested that Phu Yen should have a priority plan for the classification and treatment of organic waste – the type of waste that accounts for more than 80% in terms of weight (according to the results of the waste audit in Phu Yen in 2019) – this is also the cause which has led to the difficulty in sorting waste and reduced efforts to turn waste into a resource.

Regarding the plan to construct the incineration plant, GreenHub suggested that Phu Yen should work closely with the investment company to ensure compliance with the technical commitments of incinerator as well as the necessary to classify waste at the source to make use of the most resource as well as to optimize the capacity of the incinerator.

Also at this event, Phu Yen province officially committed to participate in the Urban Reducing Plastic program to reduce and progress to eliminate plastic waste pollution, with the goal of reducing 30% plastic waste released into environment in 2025. The program has the attendance of leaders from the Vietnam Administration of Sea and Islands (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), the People’s Committee of Phu Yen province, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Centre for Supporting Green Development  (GreenHub).

GreenHub will continue to accompany Phu Yen province on the path of ZERO WASTE practice, action for a greener Phu Yen!