27 September, 2019

Environmental Education Through Waste Audit: Hopeful Sign From Ethnic Minority Boarding School of Phu Yen

Waste audit program at Ethnic Minority Boarding School of Phu Yen ends up with not only obtaining reliable data of the state of waste in audited […]
24 September, 2019

Waste Audit in Phu Yen: From Meaningful Data to Practicing Zero-Waste

From 25/6/2019 to 14/9/2019, GreenHub have conducted two waste audit periods in order to obtain data and information regarding the current status of waste in Phu […]
23 September, 2019

GreenTalk Competition

Environmental protection is the responsibility of everyone. To raise awareness of how the public can get involved, focusing specifically on youth engagement, GreenHub is running a […]
18 September, 2019

Plastic Action Network Celebrates One Year of Impact

The Plastic Action Network celebrates one year of impact.