23 August, 2021

Current circumstance of plastic waste management in Vietnam

When it comes to waste management or recycling, you definitely think of countries like Japan or Germany, etc. According to a report by the World Bank, […]
23 August, 2021

Reducing plastic waste: Need or not?

If it was 10 years ago, surely few of us would have thought about reducing plastic or not using plastic bags, or a life without waste. […]
23 August, 2021

Business training for Ha Long Women’s Union

The “circular economy” is currently considered a preeminent economic model, associated with the goal of sustainable development by a closed cycle, limiting the amount of resources […]
21 August, 2021

GreenHub & Goethe Institute – Promising cooperation opportunity for green development

Cooperation activities of GreenHub – Goethe Institute GreenHub is delighted to have signed a collaboration agreement with the Goethe-Institute as part of the International Cooperation on […]