22 March, 2022

E-motion – EP 01 – Young leaves go green

As a part of an environmental organization, all GreenHubbers have an indestructible “green” spirit. Each member attempts to pursue a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. GreenHub’s new […]
15 March, 2022

Happy GreenHub’s 6th birthday

On 15/03/2022, GreenHub officially turned 6 years old. It’s a new milestone, a new step, a new ladder on GreenHub’s journey “For the Greener Vietnam”. In […]
15 March, 2022

E-motion – Introducing new category

With the aim of providing knowledge and a broader perspective on the sustainable changes that are occurring in daily life, this March, podcast channel “E-motion” of […]
10 March, 2022

Event “Handover ceremony of green houses & waste bins made from recycled plastics to Hoi An City”

On March 10, 2022, at Hoi An’s Central Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front, the Hoi An City People’s Committee, Hoi An Women’s Union, with the support […]